ALL CAPS v Adidas

Adidas canvases for Talent House Project
June 3rd, 2013

Four collage/stencil canvases, produced for Talent House and Adidas Originals.

Self initiated project. Talent House had set a brief with Adidas to 'Crash, Collide, Unite all Originals'.

And this was our response. We purchased a pair of Adidas Originals (Decade OG Mid) and proceeded to unstitch, cut up and generally rip them apart. We wanted to show that the beauty of a pair of Adidas Originals went beyond the surface and right down to the sole.

In order to demonstrate this, we created a quadtych of canvases using spray paint and collage from the trainers and their packaging. We focused around the Trefoil logo, which remains an iconic symbol to this day.

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